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A number of parents at Victoria Park Christian School take this opportunity to get to know each other, contribute ideas to the school and serve.


The Home and School Committee works to provide support to the school, adding value to the learning experiences of the students.  It allows parents and friends of the school to have a voice in school improvement. Briefly the Home and School functions include;

  1. Promote Christian education.

  2. Support in fundraising.

  3. Organise parental assistance in school activities.

  4. Conduct general educational meetings of interest for parents.


Being a part of the Home and School Committee also gives parents an opportunity to get to know each other and work together to contribute to their children's school experiences.  The committee always welcomes new members.  If you would like to be a part of the team, get in touch now.


School Council


The School Council is appointed by Adventist Christian Schools, WA. The Principal of the school is the secretary of the School Council. Briefly, the Council's functions are to: 

  1. Promote Christian education.

  2. Set and operate an effective budget.

  3. Uphold the school through prayer and personal support.

  4. Review all enrolments and endorse their acceptance. 

  5. Care for and develop the school's assets.

  6. Oversee the smooth operation of the school. 





There are plenty of opportunities at Victoria Park Christian School for all parents to be involved in their child’s education.


We encourage volunteers and believe there can be wonderful benefits for children, both socially and educationally, when they see mum or dad helping at school.


This is encouraged in the classroom, with canteen, carnivals, excursions, library help, working bees and much more. We encourage and look for ways for all parents to be involved in school life.


“We see joy in children’s faces when their parents are involved in the classroom. It adds another dimension to a child’s learning.” - Mark Foster, Principal

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