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Our Staff

Victoria Park Christian School School staff are a diverse group of committed professionals who bring unique and valuable skills to our school.


Each of our specially trained teachers embody the Christian values that foster a safe environment where students can grow spiritually and academically. 

Drinkall, Felicity.jpg

Felicity Drinkall

Castillo, Agape Joy.jpg

Agape Joy

Yr 2

Eyre, Rebekah.jpg

Rebekah Eyre
Pre-Kindy & Kindy

Field, Simone.jpg

Simone Field
Yr 3

Stojanovic, Rochelle.jpg

Rochelle Stojanovic

Van Moorsel, Roy.jpg

Roy van Moorsel
Yr 4

Lynch, Rachel.jpg

Rachel Lynch
Yr 1

Michalski, Claire.jpg

Claire Michalski

Y 5/6

McCutcheon, Samantha.jpg

Sam McCutcheon

Administrative Assistant

Coote, Sal.jpg

Sal Coote

Education Assistant

Macri, Sharyn.jpg

Sharyn Macri
Education Assistant

Ellis, Jannine.jpg

Jannine Ellis


Duncan, Amy.jpg

Amy Duncan

Education Assistant

Matthews, Gayle.jpg

Gayle Matthews

Education Assistant


Anna li

Chinese teacher

Richardson, Kyle.jpg

Kyle Richardson

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