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Early Childhood


& Kindergarten


Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten 


Our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs provide children with an excellent introduction into Pre-Primary with a play-based and nature base program, which operates 2 days per week in Pre-Kindy and 3 days per week in Kindy. Our teachers and assistants are highly skilled and trained in Early Childhood. They openly enjoy teaching this age group and end each day with a smile.


The ‘Early Years Learning Framework’ is about learning through play, but Victoria Park Christian School has added some academic structure to the programs. Teachers in following years have observed that our Kindy students grasp concepts of literacy and numeracy more readily and it has helped them adapt to the routines of school.


“To see the effect of the kindness and care shown by our Kindergarten teacher and to see the way the students then relate to their teacher is an absolute joy. As these young students get ready to leave Kindy, I hope that they have learned to work with and respect each other, so a cohesive group is created, giving a wonderful basis of relationship as they move into the more formal WA curriculum in Pre-Primary.”


Felicity Drinkall,

Kindergarten Info Booklet

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