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Victoria Park Christian School is fully registered to accept international students. We have a diverse range of students from different countries, cultures and religions. We also welcome a number of short-term overseas students who wish to experience life in an Australian school.


International students wishing to apply for enrolment at Victoria Park Christian School must first read and sign a Written Agreement. Upon receipt of this signed agreement, application will be considered on individual merit.


For more information about our International Students program, please contact the school

on (+61 8) 9362 2626 and browse the attached documents below.

International Student Handbook 2023

Written Agreement

Enrolment Enquiry 2023

Information Letter for Applicants

Accommodation and Welfare Requirements for Overseas Students in Australia

ESOS Framework

Deferment, Suspension or Cancellation of an International Student's Enrolment

Guidelines for Grievance Procedures for International Students

Attendance Guidelines

Privacy Principles

Refund Policy for International Students

Statement Regarding Agents

Student Transfer

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